New Construction

What you need to know:


Ø Model home sites are staffed with agents representing the builder and they are there looking out for the best interest of the builder not you (the buyer)

Why you need to know:


Ø It will not cost you (the buyer) anything for me to represent you and negotiate on your behalf


Ø I will walk you through all of the stages of the construction process to avoid pitfalls or costly mistakes


When to contact me:


Ø If you are considering new construction, call me before you visit a new construction community or before contacting a builder directly


How will my experience help you:


Ø Throughout my career I have represented both the builder and buyer side of real estate transactions


Ø In representing a builder, I have worked on multiple new construction neighborhoods helping buyers through choosing lots, home designs, upgrades, final inspections, and closings


Ø In representing buyers, I have helped clients with everything from purchasing single lots, choosing builders, designing homes, and negotiating final deals



Building a new home, whether through a nationally recognized builder or a local custom builder, is a very exciting journey but the process requires experienced guidance and planning. My job is to give you this guidance and I look forward to helping you through this process!